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9 Basic Travel Tips For Your Copenhagen Trip!

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Denmark is famed for its landscapes, castles, museums and palaces. Copenhagen, the capital city, has the ultimate Scandinavian charm, but also feels very different compared to many cities of Europe. It’s easy to find a list of places you must see in Copenhagen, but we have 9 extra but basic tips that will come handy for your plans.

  • Skip the hotel. Go for an apartment hotel Copenhagen Apartment rentals may cost more, but you have all the privacy, luxury and facilities to yourself. Worth the money spent, and you can even book penthouses.
  • Take the bike. The Danish capital is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, and since Copenhagen is small and compact in size, bike is the cheapest way to get around. The Danes can be aggressive, so keep that in mind on the road.
  • Try the street food. Paper Island and Reffen are great places to try street food and small bites, and if you want to cook your meal, you should definitely head to Torvehallerne. Try hotdogs on the go.
  • Get the Copenhagen Card. The card, available at the airport and other tourist places in the city, offers access to public transport and over 80 attractions and sights. The 120-hour card costs about 133 Euros.

  • Enjoy the beer. It is legal to have alcohol in public in Denmark. Copenhagen is often considered to be the best place in Europe to have craft beer, and we suggest that you check the microbreweries around.
  • Don’t forget a plan. There are just too many palaces, museums, and castles. Make sure that you have a list on your mind. The National Museum, Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle and Copenhagen Zoo are some places you shouldn’t miss.
  • Make time for the amusement parks. The Copenhagen Card includes entry to Tivoli Garden, which is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world. You should also make time for Bakken, which is the oldest of all.
  • Go try the coffee. Copenhagen has some really nice cafés, and some of them have excellent bites too. If you are here, you should spend an evening enjoying nothing but a few good cups of coffee.
  • Take a boat tour. We promise this is worth an experience by all means. Copenhagen has an amazing network of canals, and from the historic waterfront area of Nyhavn, you can find organized tours.

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